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alamco was incorporated in 1955 at Karachi. It’s Head Office is located in Islamabad, and Branch Offices are based in Lahore and Karachi.

Our fields of excellence are numerous and variegated. From Broadcasting to Communication and to Diplomatic Bonded Warehouse, we are catering to the needs of Professionals to their entire satisfaction. We excel in the following audio / visual fields


We provide not only hardware/software but also installation/consultancy/system designing & integration for different broadcasters of satellite & terrestrial TV; Radio Channels; Production Houses and Broadcast Equipment Rental Houses.

We are dealers for renowned companies such as FOR-A Japan, JVC Professional, CANON (bctv), CANOPUS, THOMSON GRASSVALLY, BRAINSTROM Spain, GEEVES U.K, Audio development U.K. ABE ELECTRONICA ITALY, TECHNOPOINT Italy, Aldena Italy R.V.R, ITALY, DESISTI Italy,


Over six decades of professional experience in the above fields has enabled us to provide not only the best available professional equipment available in the world, but also to guide our valuable customers at every step during the provision of the equipments and its installation. This mutually beneficial cooperation gives us an additional edge to have the best possible rapport with our valuable customers, who have full confidence in our technical expertise. And we try our level best to fulfill the obligations of the faith and confidence reposed in us by our valuable customers. Our motto is: Customer’s Satisfaction.

It’s no small achievement that ever since Pakistan entered into the field of Broadcasting era, we have been one of the most important partners with all the Government and private audio/visual Channels. It was ALAMCO which supplied and installed the 1st Private Channels in Pakistan, namely STN and NTM in the early nineties, and is still providing similar services to other private channels in Pakistan. Of note is the TV Channel 5 premised at Lahore, which was entirely designed and commissioned by ALAMCO. We feel proud to inform that 1st Pakistani Channel in London, TV ASIA, was designed, and installed by ALAMCO. Year 1997 was the land-mark in our excelsior history. We supplied, designed and installed all the audio-visual equipments at jinnah Convention Center Islamabad in 1997, under the auspices of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Pakistan) for the OIC Summit 1997. The entire broadcast was conducted by our technical staff, and the name of ALAMCO was on air internationally as well.

We garnered rich and multi-faceted technical proficiency by these marks of our excellence, and are confidently applying it to our present assignments at Governmental and private levels. We shall break new grounds in our endeavours for more enhancement and refinement in our professional fields in the coming years. Our spirit of acclimatizing into our nascent information technologies whatever new and ground-breaking in the field of audio-visual knows no bounds. Our receptivity in incorporating novel and thought-provoking inventions and expansions, vertically and horizontally, makes us a cut above the rest of the other concerns in the field. Our constant liaison with our suppliers all over the world brings new workable ideas into our professionalism. And we don’t hesitate, and indeed without fail, communicate those to our old and prospective buyers. We provide all-comprehensive solutions to the ever increasing and sometimes seemingly unattainable demands of our customers. True to our spirit of gratifying the ever-increasing demands of our customers, we are always at the beck and call of our customers. Small wonders then, our customers never look elsewhere for their various needs, which sometimes are indeed insurmountable. They look upto us for the guidance, and they know that it will be there in no time. After sales service is the quintessential for the progress of any Company in the modern world. Excellent after-sales service with back-up of original spares is the corner stone of our sale policy. We have our own workshop with highly trained professionals, who can rectify/repair any fault in the supplied equipment. On-site repair is also provided by our technical staff. We don’t go for quantity; we strive for quality and in as much less time as humanly possible. And who can vie with us in providing 24 hours after-sale service.

The inter-related Software development is another feather in our cap. In this field also, we have the services of professional IT engineers who kept themselves abreast of any new and latest development in the AV fields, and can incorporate those ideas into our ever-progressing audio-visual systems. We are not unamenable to new ideas. Every now and then, we float a new idea in the market, and it gains acceptance. We were the 1st in Pakistan to introduce the S-VHS video system in the 80’s, DIGITAL in the 90’s, HD in the 2002. Not only private channels i.e. STN, NTM adopted it, but also the state-run PTV, established it in their studios country-wide.

Messrs ALAMCO and its highly devoted staff with decades of first-rate experience behind them, avail themselves of this opportunity to renew to their valuable customers, the assurances of highest considerations.

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