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Project over 2 Million Pak Rupee

List Of Projects Are Beside The Equipments Supply To Deferent Diplomat Mission / Consulate In Pakistan


  • UNDP Diplomatic Office Building complete Power Generation System, Heating / Cooling System.      
  • Terbela Dam Construction Machine Mixer Pump fitted on trucks, including installation, Test Equipments, Earth Moving Equipments 

Sind Government                                        

  • Cultural Department OB Van & other equipment         
  • Education department Laborites equipment under Asian Development Bank 
  • Children Hospital Medical Equipment under Japanese Grant
  •  U.N.D.P Islamabad All type office equipments and other products for different project 
  • Staff College Quetta Complete supply/Installation of Audio /Video, Out Door recording system, CCTV system, Language Laborites Systems, Transmitter system, equipments.  
  • PMA Kakul Abbottabad Supply of the equipments/Installation Language Laboratory System   
  • PNS Bhadar (Navy) Complete supply of the equipments /Installation of Audio/Video studio equipment, Out door recording system, underwater video system, CCTV,  
  • ISPR (GHQ) Supply of the Audio/ Video equipments  
  • DGP  (Defense)  Regular supply of multiple equipments, since 1981 (details of supply can not be provided due to contractual obligation)  
  • Pakistan Television (PTV) Supply of all type of Broadcast Audio /Video equipments since 1980
  • Shalimar Television Network Supply of the Broadcast Audio/Video equipments since 1990 
  • Ayub Medical Complex Supply and installation of complete Monitoring Audio/Video system including Control Room, CCTV, Projection System 300”, Presentation system. 
  • Islamabad Convention Center Supply and installation of Communication equipment, Digital Broadcast Audio/Video, Satellite, MATV, on “EXTRA ORDINARY ISLAMIC SUMMIT” 23rd March 1997 
  • NIML Islamabad Language Laboratory (Japanese & Arabic) 


  •  Channel TV Asia London Supply /Installation of the Audio/Video Broadcast equipments, including systems designing in 1992


  • Ambulance fitted with complete equipments Supply and Installation of TV and Radio Transmitter and Communication equipment

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