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Audio & Video Conferencing Systems
Our Audio & Video Conferencing Systems is completely user friendly and delivers excellent performance. We obtain these Audio & Video Conferencing Systems from reputed brands and effectively enhance the clarity in connectivity between the two users at different ends.


High definition video conferencing solution

Fully duplex state of art world class quality teleconferencing system

Point to point & Multi point video conferencing systems

Special offer for corporate, MNC’s and others

LCD/Plasma TVs: The LCD TV and Plasma TV that we offer have elegant style, better picture quality and a wide screen. These are procured from leading brands. Our product exhibits clear color purity and are effective for making board room presentations. These are also used in video conferencing and data centric applications.

We offer complete Video Conferencing Services including:

Project Management
Design, Engineering, Consulting
Sales, Installation, Training
Control Programming
Maintenance, Service Plans


Save Money and Time
The use of high quality video conferencing not only saves travel time and money, but permits rapid response to changing business conditions and customer requirements and allows consultants, lawyers and other professionals to be more available to their clients.


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